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Are You a Sucker for Golf Training Aids?

I am. I’m the infomerical maker’s dream. My first 3 years as a golfer I spent over $2500 on golf training aids ranging from David Leadbetter’s Laser Guide to the Medicus Swing Trainer, and even the Swing Jacket. In addition, I spent over $3200 on clubs and and $1900 on lessons.

What Did These Golf Training Aids Get Me?

A 27 handicap, some temporary “success,” $7600 in the hole and one hell of an angry wife. I didn’t know what the deal was. Perhaps it was my lack of natural athleticism or my odd shaped body. But something told me if Phil Mickelson could win 3 majors,  I could at least break 90.

I decided to become an informed consumer. I stopped impulsively buying whatever was being advertised on The Golf Channel and I actually TRIED to do research. Unfortunately, 90% of the Golf Training Aid websites were something and reeked of bias. The other 10% were outdated and uninformative. There was no independent golf training aids review website available.

My Solution

I decided to use my rudimentary web design skills to use and create a small blog. Long story short, this blog has become more popular than I anticipated and the demand for new information was too much for me. Due to more important things (career, family, finishing my master’s, PLAYING GOLF), I didn’t have much time to devote to the GolfTrainingAids.net. So I decided to put in a few extra hours and create a self-automated site.

Here’s how it works:

  • A golf training aid is reviewed by me
  • Consumers review and rate the product
  • Top golf training aids are automatically calculated and listed on the right column

You’ll  notice that for each product reviewed there is a price comparison chart in which the 3 lowest online prices are listed (thanks to visitors).

This helps you get down to the nitty gritty and find a training aid that really works at the lowest possible price.

This Site Helped Me Break 90

Visitors asked me to post a review of Sybervision’s Al Geiberger DVD. I had no idea who that was or what that was, but I wrote a review and everyone was was VERY positive about it. I did more research about it and it turns out to be the most recommended golf aid of all t ime by Golf Digest.  I had to give it a shot.

In less than a year my handicap has dropped from 27 to 12. That’s 15 strokes!

You can read my review of it here.

Or you can check out the manufacturer’s site.

I hope that little shout out to Sybervision doesn’t kill my credibility, but it’s what’s worked best for me and the many of the site’s visitors.

Thanks for visiting GolfTrainingAids.net.

I hope you find the content as useful as I have.

Good Luck!
Jerry Jackman

Editor of GolfTrainingAids.net and Self-proclaimed Golf Aficianado

More about My Golf Training Aid Recommendation

The Sybervision Golf DVD is one of the best-selling golf training aids of all time. It's based on principle of muscle memory. Essentially, if you watch the "perfect" golf swing over and over again, your subconcious tells your body -- your muscles -- what to do.

The Sybervision method was discovered and developed at Stanford University. It's been endorsed by dozens of athletes from various sports. If you were a golfer in the 80's, you've undoubtedly heard of this program. If you're part of "Generation Y," such as myself, then chances are you haven't. I "discovered" it in a Golf Magazine at my Dentist's office. America's Top 100 Golf Pros voted on the best training aids of all time. Two out of the top three were Sybervision. So I decided to give it a shot and have no regrets.

For more information about the Sybervision Golf DVD, click on one of the links below.