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Impact Bag

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Impact Bag Summary

At first glance, the Impact Bag might appear basic and lacking the substance necessary to help improve your golf swing. But, in reality, for those golfers that are struggling with the left wrist breakdown, the Impact Bag can do wonders. It might be a surprise to some but a lot of times the difference between medium and good players is using the wrists correctly.

Is the Impact Bag effective?

The Impact Bag is a weighted soft bag that is placed in the impact zone of your swing. Swinging into The Bag creates resistance, which doesn’t allow the left wrist or left arm to breakdown. The breakdown of the left wrist occurs as the golf swings at the ball and not through it. This usually translates into slices and hooks.

Complaints about the Impact Bag argue that it is hard to translate the swing created with the Impact Bag to the real course. Also, the Impact Bag might get old for some. Continually swinging into a resistance bag can get old for some.

How much is the Impact Bag?

The Impact Bag can be found online for $29.99.

Is the Impact Bag a good value?

If you are having problems not keeping your wrists extended at impact, the Impact Bag is not a choice. Although redundant, with enough time and practice the Impact Bag can help you hit more consistent shots.

More about My Golf Training Aid Recommendation

The Sybervision Golf DVD is one of the best-selling golf training aids of all time. It's based on principle of muscle memory. Essentially, if you watch the "perfect" golf swing over and over again, your subconcious tells your body -- your muscles -- what to do.

The Sybervision method was discovered and developed at Stanford University. It's been endorsed by dozens of athletes from various sports. If you were a golfer in the 80's, you've undoubtedly heard of this program. If you're part of "Generation Y," such as myself, then chances are you haven't. I "discovered" it in a Golf Magazine at my Dentist's office. America's Top 100 Golf Pros voted on the best training aids of all time. Two out of the top three were Sybervision. So I decided to give it a shot and have no regrets.

For more information about the Sybervision Golf DVD, click on one of the links below.

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